Day 55: Comp Bot Assembly 7 – Blocked by the Caucus (02/25/2020)

Authors: Andrew Georgioff, Ritik Mishra

Today was a short day because there was a caucus for local Eden Prairie officials, and we are not allowed to have robotics from 6 to 8 on election days. As a result, robotics was only from 3 to 5:30. Nevertheless, we were able to get some work done.


Today, a crew went down to the U of M to use a vinyl cutter to cut bumper numbers. They will be in the same font as the 2019 bumpers. We (accidentally) only brought enough material to cut 75% of the numbers we need. On Thursday, we should get the rest of the numbers back.

In other bumper news, we finished all of the bottom brackets and started making top brackets. These brackets started to get installed onto bumpers. 

Above: A picture of a bumper with brackets 

Sponsor Banners

One of our mentors brought in our sponsor banners for our competition robot today. We will have 2 of our sponsors on the top for additional visibility, as well as all 6 of them being on the back of the robot by the flywheel. 

Above: The sponsor banners placed on their robot in their final positions. Note that the cover on the top of the robot also serves as a cover to protect the electronics panel. 

Above: A socket wrench with a very long extension which was required to loosen some bolts inside the comp robot today

Quote of the Day: How do y’all dress yourselves in the morning much less build robots – Isaac Ash, engineering captain