Day 1 – Kickoff! (1/4/2020)

Authors: Danny Georgioff, Ritik Mishra

The 2020 game was released today. Watch the game reveal and read the manual to more fully understand what Infinite Recharge is all about (long story short: its Rebound Rumble 2: Electric Boogaloo.

Everyone should read the game manual to get an understanding of the game rules. Reading the manual is a required prerequisite to be on drive team, and can prove useful to you to complete your talking points. After watching the reveal and field tour videos, the team read the game manual and began discussing strategy, what we should focus on, and viable methods to achieve it.

When the UMN Kickoff Crew came back with our Kit of Parts, some students started to inventory everything that came in the Kit to ensure that we got everything, while others experimented with the ball to see if a frontspin or backspin was better for accuracy.

After lunch, we had a design review meeting, where we discussed our thoughts on the game, strategies, and design with industry professionals to help gain knowledge on the preferred methods of making simple (as possible) and reliable mechanisms to help with prototyping.

Unlike in 2018, we have been explicitly stopped from sharing the direct results of our strategy meeting. Our game strategy and drivetrain design will become more evident in the future as prototypes are built, selected, and iterated upon. 

Many new rookie members have chosen to lead a prototype. Congrats on Isaac Wenc, Aedin Yu, and Neel Shah for being some of the first people to push to the 2020 GrabCAD project! Contact Ritik Mishra to gain access to it, or use the CAD computer in the room to look at it.

Today also marked the first meeting of the design review committee. This committee consists of professional engineers that will help us notice, avoid, and fix design flaws in our robot/prototypes. At this meeting, we introduced the game to them, as well as some of our initial ideas for prototypes. We will convene more design review meetings as the season progresses.

Quote of the day: “You can be on that bus, or you can be under that bus” — Dean Kamen

The inaugural design review meeting. The official committee members sit around the table, while the rest of the team listens in the back.
The beginning of the Strategy Meeting, led by Ryan Mikol
The middle of the prototype brainstorm session, led by Isaac Ash