2024 Central Missouri Tournament Day 1

Written By: Dylan C

There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough!

Starting bright and early in the morning, 32 Talon team members embarked on a long expedition to Sedalia, Missouri. Our bus ride was a lot of fun for everyone involved. After a short mishap, Talon left Minnesota and started a full day of adventure. People were singing along to music and playing games on their devices. The whole team stopped at a small town north of Des Moines, Iowa called, Ankeny. After another 4 hours and some exciting movies. The bus landed at our hotel and the long ride was over.

The teams buses

Before the team meeting, Talon’s captains went over to the venue to load in our pit setup and robot. After some intensive labor, the captains were reunited with the team. Everyone had a great dinner that was organized by our great mentor Karen O. Thank you! The whole day was lots of fun but super long. Just like the responsible teenagers that high schoolers are, everyone went to be tired at 8 O’clock.

The captains standing in the litte pits with the robot

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