2024 Build Season Days 52-56 (2/26-3/3)

Monday 2/26

As our exciting trip to Missouri draws near, we have a lot of work to wrap up! We worked on our defense robot, adding some finishing touches to ensure things were where they should be. We also wrapped up our work on our bumpers, making them pretty and presentable. We also had a group working on parts for fourth graders part of the First Lego League, and we are looking forward to working with them!

Robotics students building kits for First Lego League students.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Tuesday was a day off for our team as many upperclassmen wanted a day off before their ACT test. Thursday was the usual team day off. So overall the team had a 3 day break.

Friday 3/1

FOUR DAYS AND COUNTING! We will travel to Sedalia, Missouri for our first tournament of the 2024 season in 4 days! Today was a busy open room as we scrambled to get some finishing touches done on the robot so we can have it ready for competition. One big focus of today, as well as the entire week, was bumpers. Today, we worked on stapling the cloth onto the bumpers and sticking numbers on, and today we also finished our final competition bumpers we will use in Missouri!

Robotics student using a jigsaw to cut parts out of wood.

We also set up the Crescendo field and started programming more autonomous code. Autonomous is a portion of the game in the first 15 seconds where the robot is not controlled by a driver, and instead the robot is precoded to do certain tasks, such as scoring notes, to get points. Our programmers were working hard all of room to try and fix any bugs and design new tricks for our robot! 

Another interesting thing we did was have a watch party! Many of our hardworking team members watched the Lake Superior Ten Thousand Lakes tournament online to see the competition and to evaluate different strategies we can use on our Missouri trip. Overall, it was a fun and productive day!

Saturday & Sunday! 3/2 – 3/3

Both Saturday and Sunday were quite productive. Bumpers neared total completion as members attached numbers and fabric. Our programming subteam worked extremely hard as they were able to push out a 4-note auto. The majority of the weekend was spent practicing the autonomous code. Final preparations were made for the tournament and everyone was getting the travel checklist completed. One cool highlight from the weekend was the addition of the sponsor banner for the robot. Our amazing mentor Lisa printed out the logos and by the end of the day. Our amazing banner was completed. All-in-all a great weekend! 

Our sponsors' logos on the robot.

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