2023 Build Season Days 52-58 (3/20-26/2023)

The Adventures of Spring Break: Revenge of the Practice


Spring break officially started for our school district, but that doesn’t mean Talon isn’t hard at work! At 3:30 room opened and the team began to work on the robot. Our main work was on making an auto. While not done by the end of the day, one of our programmers was able to get a simple path done. Monday saw the team testing and breaking the robot. When we were not driving or making paths, wires were coming undone. Fortunately, we have plenty of practice time to prepare the robot before it’s done. 

  • The marketing team did meet, they mainly worked on applying for some grants and creating a new checklist for the next season. 
Super short but pretty cool, this is Andromeda placing a cube!


While Talon did a meeting for practice, the team didn’t have its weekly team meeting. Our robot andromeda was busy perfecting its auto. The team got the timing just around 16 seconds for our new auto. Not too much happened mechanically for the robot. Talon mainly focused on programming and perfecting our auto.


In the first two hours of the room being open, our auto was all done. We got to practice a couple of matches throughout the night we did multiple practice matches before our robot was tired of functioning. A few hours before the open room was finished. Talon switched gears to start programming our PIDs for our robot. Swerve drive is quite delicate and we want to make sure our controls are as accurate as possible. Wednesday ended the way it started. Practicing and making adjustments for our swerve.


Shoutout to the StormBots for joining us! This video is our auto in action, we made a few tweaks and a couple of adjustments!


Presets and PIDs are the team’s mortal enemies. The room opened at its usual time of 3:30 and the team got to work. While our drive team did get some practice in. Talon spent the day fine-tuning our arms presents. By the end of the open room, our cycle time decreased tenfold. Not much happened to the robot mechanically, but our drivers got invaluable time on Friday.  During the off time of the day, our drive team did manage to cut some spare plates on our CNC machine. 


Friday=swap day:

With new plates made and gears swapped out, andromeda got a new look. The open room saw the team spend six hours replacing our swerve drive’s gears with steel gears and making our intake stronger with aluminum. With all the upgrades in place, Talon spent the final minutes of the evening testing the robot, making sure everything is working correctly. 

We did manage to test the human player pickup!

Weekend Updates 3/25 & 3/26

Pracitice practice practice. With spring break almost over, and 10k swiftly approaching. Talon spent each open room working on PIDs and practice matches. By the end of the weekend, our auto was ready to go and so were our drivers. Talon cannot wait to compete in 10K! Do keep track of our social media pages, we’re going to be posting to the extreme! Links below 😉

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