2023 Build Season Days 40-44 (3/6-10/2023)

Authors: Dylan C, Timothy M, Isaac M, Al A.

Week Summary:


Monday was a day off for the entire team. No subteam met and the room was canceled! 


Tuesday was the team’s first day back since Duluth. While the robot was being redesigned, members of the team were busy repairing our robot and getting it ready to be used again. While this was happening Warren and Isaac were getting the frame of our second robot ready to be used and mounted the swerve modules to it. The entire team met to discuss design ideas and upcoming events. Tuesday ended with a new plan for our design subteam and a repaired practice bot. 

three students working on the black drive train


Wednesday was a slow day in the room, with the robot being redesigned there was not much to do. During the open room, Dylan cleaned the robot’s bumpers after they got dirty at our competition in Duluth. Adhi was learning how to program the CNC machine, and the remaining members were assembling the drivetrain on our new competition robot. Wednesday didn’t have a whole lot to do for everyone. Room ended early as the design subteam was still busy at work making our robot perfect in Solidworks.

two students looking at the drive train


Today was another relaxed day of CNCing. It ran non-stop until room closed. As we prepared parts for our new elevator design. Other team members did odd jobs to get as much done as possible before we continued building our competition bot. 


Friday was a productive day for the team. On our practice bot, team members attached electronics to the comp bot. Some members also set out to create cutout numbers for the upcoming meet. 

In the room, members of the team engineered new parts for the robot’s elevator and pioneered new poly-carb cutout shields for the electronics. Most of the time spent in the room that day was used practicing in our field, our programmers worked on making and testing new autos. Friday was a lot of fun for everyone, we rocked out to music and had great snacks from Michelle M!

The weekend

Over the weekend the team was super busy, both days started at 9am and ended at 9pm. Both days were spent practicing and working on our competition bot. On Saturday we were joined by Blaze Robotics and Green Machine as they wanted to use our practice field. Talon got a lot done and of course… we had fun!

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