Attack of the DECC

Just like Friday morning, every team member woke up at different times to have breakfast. Once 7:30 hit everyone moved over to the DECC to get through the rest of our qualification matches. Below is a summary of Saturday:

Qualification Matches

Qualification match 7

The bell rang and our auto worked great. We drove onto the charging station but didn’t manage to engage with it. When teleop began our swerve drive didn’t want to function. From the hard use the previous day, both the drive and turn motors died. Our drivers almost tipped but managed to score a cone onto the high goal. The rest of the phase saw two more completed cycles with an engaged charging station. Talon won the match moving us up higher on the leaderboard.

robots lined up ready to go

Qualification Match 8

Wanting to try something new, Talon started its auto somewhat differently. We started in the position near the human shelf. We drooped a cube and then drove out of the community. Teleop began and our drivers were ready. We scored a link of cones on the upper goal and got a bonus cone before the time went up. With the help of our alliance, we won yet another match, making our score 5-3-0.

Qualification Match 9 

The bell rang and qual 9 was off! We did the same auto as the match. When teleop began for the team our drivers picked up a cone off of the ground and scored it. From there, they scored another from the human shelf. By the end of the match, our drivers scored four cones all of which had insanely fast cycles. We engaged with another alliance member and won the game. Talon finished its qualification matches with a 43.79 OPR and a 6-3-0 Win rate. 

robot full extended with its cone being placed


Just before lunch came the alliance selection occurred. While in 14th place Talon wasn’t in the position to choose our alliance members. However, after a moment of suspense, we were chosen by the eighth alliance captain: North Woods Robotics.  After that Talon assisted in our second-round pick with our new alliance partner. We invited Team Neutrino and our alliance was complete. Excited to see where our robots took us, our drivers broke for lunch and got ready to face off against the first alliance. At the same time, the heat in the DECC only got worse. Most of the team and the heat was in the stands. It got so bad everyone was sweating the majority of the playoffs.

Semi-final 1

Ding ding ding. Auto began and our robot did its usual auto scoring an added total of 29 points with our alliance members. Teleop began us we had struggles picking up cones off of the ground as the opposing alliance was playing defense on us. After wasting vital time Talon drove over to pick up cones from the human player’s shelf. Scoring one cone onto the high shelf our second cycle was interrupted when we got hit and dropped a cone. That knock messed up our indexer disabling us from scoring. Our drivers reacted to this instantly playing defense against the red alliance. When the last thirty seconds arrived we ended the match with a dock. Not our best match but still a fun one! We ended up being sent to the lower bracket with a second shot at winning. 

drive team looking at the robot through the glass

Semi-final 2

Talon drove off of its park zone after dropping a cube, we drove through the chagrin station to the other side of the community. For some reason, the charging station caught itself on the robot and lock itself in a diagonal position. Losing some points, teleop began and our robot wasn’t ready for the fun. Our elevator fell off of its track and stopped us from scoring. The rest of our game was spent playing defense trying to slow down the alliance’s cycle time. We did end the game with a dock which was something good to end off our playoff games! 

We Had Fun

While we didn’t win we had a lot of fun in Duluth, it’s not all about winning, it’s about the memories you make! 

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