2023 Build Season Days 11-15 (1/23-28/2023)

Authors: Dylan C, Isaac M

Weekend Updates

The weekend was filled with the team CADing as Tuesday’s team meeting would require the team to present a“fully” finished robot. Open room did occur, but the two days were mainly accompanied by cleaning and other smaller projects.  


Monday came around and the team got to work. Starting at 3:30 some members were learning how to CAD. The main event of Monday was the finishing touches of the tool cart’s wooden board. Talon did CNC some extra swerve plates throughout that day. By the end of it, we got a very nice cut from one of the plates.

Two students using a metal CNC machine.. They are both looking towards it while it cuts.


Today was a very quiet day during the open room Neel taught some newer members how to cad and Adhi cut some parts for the new swerve modules. We mainly worked on smaller projects before the team meeting. With CAD being finalized not much building happened. 

Middle Schoolers and Pizza

Out of the usual madness of robotics. Some team members were volunteering at CMS to help sell concessions. Talon got the opportunity to run the concessions to stand for a middle school event. Instead of building new parts, Talon was handing out slices of pizza to fundraise for our FTC team.

Team Meeting.

  • Team Meeting – When 7 pm arrived, everyone gathered for the captain’s presentation. The team went over its usual updates along with a few upcoming items. After that everyone who wasn’t currently aware of our robot plans got to see a somewhat finished robot CAD. The rest of the evening was somewhat quiet. One of the best mentors ever brought in pizza for us after the FTC event was over. 10/10 Would pizza again. 


  • Wednesday was also a slow day, because of finals many members were unable to come to the room. Those who were in the room started to work on assembling various parts for the robot. Hex shafts were cut and the team worked on sorting out the tool carts. During then, more plates were cut on the CNC. 
a student using a drill press.


Thursday was a break for the team. Open room wasn’t going for the most part, but with finals over, the marketing team went on sponsor expeditions throughout most of the afternoon. Timothy M was able to find some time to clean our tool cart when his marketing group was on break. Now we have new sponsor friends and an organized tool cart. 


On Friday the team was very busy. With Eden Prairie having the day off, the team was free and able to get a lot done. The open room started at 3:30 and we started to build our swerve module plates. Halfway through our preparation, we realized there was a setback on our parts and decided to wait before building swerve. With speed being a big part of this year’s game, we want to make sure our drivetrain is perfect. 

Besides the small stoppage, the usual cutting of plates and drilling of hex shafts occurred. Friday night is famously full of meeting for the team. The Awards subteam discussed different submission dates and the impact presenter plan. The Design subteam discussed the robot and its subsystems along with the current CAD projects. Both Outreach and fundraising had meetings. Thanks to the generous donations given so far, The prop drive the team is doing is getting lots of needed items. The fundraising meeting finalized our Upcoming Cluvers fundraiser.  

Friday was quite busy but at least we got to watch movies on the room’s projector and name our new batteries.👍

The gang’s all here.

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