Open Room 9/29/2022

Drive Train Repair

Students working on the robot when its tipped on the ground.

During EMCC, we had various drivetrain issues. So today we decided to tackle them. One of the motors that had been powering the robot had a bent shaft and was rendered unserviceable. The defective motor was swapped for a fresh, working motor that should eliminate the lack of power and steering agility that tormented the robot during the last few hours of EMCC. Three out of the six tires on the robot were in dire need of replacement, and all of them needed to be inflated to the appropriate pressure. Once this was performed, the robot’s drivetrain was revitalized into its natural competition form.

T-Shirt Cannon Practice for The Homecoming Game

We first let the more experienced members of the team have a go at the cannon to make sure everything was in working order, as well as finding out how hard we can push it while still staying safe. After the initial rounds of testing, we let newer members on the team have a blast, pun not intended (;

Progress with the Driver Station

With the help of some new members, the driver’s station is being built faster than ever. We have a lot of work ahead of us but with fresh members joining left and right there was an increasing feeling of productivity and efficiency that was not felt as much before the tide of new individuals.

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