“The Open Room Strikes Back” (9/14/22)

Authors: Andre N, Dylan C

Open-Room Updates

Today, Wednesday the 14th, Talon got back together to work on various projects. Below is a summary of everything that we did today:

Demo Bot

  • Over the summer some team members worked on designing a demo bot that would be used at events to show off our team. Currently, we are still in the design phase for our robot, But in the open room, we started to cut plates with our CNC machine. 
  • The demo robot is still being designed in CAD by newer members. The goal of the demo bot is to show off our team and STEM. But, the team mainly wants to teach new members the basics of robot building. 
Multiple people working on tables in the robotics room.
Team members working in the room.

Disassembly and Assembly 

  • Today, we continued disassembling the Orion practice bot and assembling the new demo bot’s  four swerve modules bought from the Swerve Drive Specialties. We haven’t tested the modules out but we are looking forward to doing it soon. Newer team members gained experience in working with the team, introducing the features of our robots, and learning more about the team in general.
  • One team member is also working on a new driver’s station for the team. During this open room, they started to cut bars for the station’s legs. In the near future, the team is hoping to have a newer and improved driver’s station. 

Summary Of The Day

In conclusion, new & old team members are learning the basics of robotics and the team in general. The team is working extra hard on individual projects, Everyone is super excited for EMCC.

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