IEEE (7/21/22)

Event Summary

This Thursday our team had the incredible opportunity to present our robot at IEEE. The event has a long and wonderful history. Annually, our team partners with a neighboring FIRST robotics team to present our robots to companies and their employees. This year we were joined by the Technocrats (2239) to present our teams & FIRST.

Three students using a lazer pointer to present infront of a crown of people.
Paul, Andy, And Aedin Presenting. (Left to Right)

Each year we learn a lot, increase our networking and we are introduced to so many amazing people. This year was no exception, there was so much that the team learned through the event. Talon had an opportunity to talk to employees and get their advice on education, jobs and future opportunities. Some of our programming members were also able to discuss swerve drive with members of the Technocrats.

At The Event

The event was jam packed with a lot of opportunities. Talon had an opportunity to present this year’s progress through a quick 15 minute presentation. The speedy presentation was given by Paul, Aedin and Andy. 

Team members chatting after the presentation.

The Technocrats also had an amazing and thoughtful presentation. After our presentations, the teams enjoyed some food and got to answer all questions related to robotics.

Suffice to say the day was awesome. The team learned a lot, gained some valuable insights from the employees and most importantly had a lot of fun and relaxation. The team had a chance to learn more about future sponsors and possibly even recruit some future mentors. Nonetheless everyone who attended from our team was able to catch up and have some laughs.

Coming Up

KanBan Board

  • Talon is also in the process of implementing a new project management software to get more organized for the upcoming school year. More information on the next team meeting.

Summer Camp!

  • The team is also preparing to host a summer camp to get kids into STEM at a younger age. Please visit the Upcoming Events tab for more information.

Demo Bot

  • To teach new eagles who joined the team recently, Talon is working on a demo bot, a project meant for testing out new ideas and for new members to start working on a robot. Meetings on the demo bot are all planned on the team’s Discord.

State Fair

  • Last but not least, Talon will be presenting at the state fair on August 27, 2022. Everyone is invited!

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