2022 Build Season Day 58 (4/26/2022)

Team Updates

After a long five days in Texas, the team reunited once again to have its weekly team meeting. Below is a summary of everything the team talked about in its weekly meeting.

  • With the world competition over, the team discussed everything at the event. The captains lead a pros and cons list for the event. Overall Talon is happy with its rank there are always things the team can improve on, but everyone had a great time. The team couldn’t have done so well this season without the help of everyone who put time into the team. 
  • After discussing worlds, the team then brought the discussion to its next event. The team will be attending a practice event at The Mura Field. The event will take place on Saturday, and it will be a fun way for the team to perfect it’s auto and shooter. The team will be packing the trailer on Friday before that the team will be working on the code. Be sure to signup for the event if you are coming.
  • Before our next practice event, the team will also have its daily open rooms. Be sure to attend them as the team still has many things to do. The team will also have its daily open rooms after Saturday. Talon still has a state competition on May 7th.
  • Finally, the team discussed the upcoming Crumbl Cookie fundraiser that will be happening tomorrow. Be sure to get your regular-sized cookies during 3-6 pm as that is the requirement for the event.

After discussing important upcoming events the team captains turned the meeting over to their leads. Below is every major update from every sub-team.

the team having its team meeting in the room

Sub Team Updates


  • The Media team was able to get plenty of photos last week. They plan to edit the photos and post the better shots in the future. The sub-team is also very pleased with its coverage of the event over its social media.


  • The Awards sub-team will be having a season recap sometime in the following weeks.


  • The Marketing sub-team will continue to work on grants and other sponsorships throughout the rest of the year. The team could not have made it to worlds without the generosity of our amazing sponsors.


  • The Fundraising sub-team has worked hard to spread awareness on the Crumbl Cookie event. Besides that, they have also started work on other future events.


  • Finally, the outreach sub-team has continued to work on future events. As of now, the team will be having a “My Book Day” event on the 26th of May. Right now there is not enough information to share, but if you are interested stay tuned in Slack.


  • With the robot mostly done the design sub-team doesn’t have many new updates. However, the team did add a flywheel to the turret. They hope it will make the turret run better for future matches.

Fabrication and Safety and Organization

  • The Fabrication and Organization sub-teams will be doing a combined meeting in the coming weeks after state. They will be hosting a meeting where you can learn more about the team’s tools and how to maintain the room.


  • The team’s Programming is mostly done. However, the team will be trying out its driving and shooting program at Mura Field.


  • The Scouting sub-team does not have anything new to report. They did an excellent job with scouting at worlds.
two students working on the robot

Stay Connected With Us During The Season!

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