FIRST World Championship Day 3

Day Summary 

Today was the third day of the FIRST world championship. It was another day of qualification matches. Once again, the drive team headed to the venue earlier than the rest of the team. The day started with match 65 and Talon was playing in match 67 so we tried to leave the hotel a little earlier.

Qualification Match 6

  • For this match, we started in our usual spot and got two balls in the upper hub. The alliance scored five balls into the hubs and lowered the cargo bonus to eighteen points, scoring 24 points during autonomous. During teleop, both alliances focused on scoring and there was minimal defense. Our alliance ended up scoring nineteen balls and getting a double traversal climb, resulting in a win and four rank points. 
The robot getting a double traverse with our alliance partner.

Qualification Match 7

  • We got another win during match seven. We ran a one ball autonomous because our alliance partners needed to start in a specific spot to run their 3 ball auto. After getting the cargo bonus, we made some impressive far-shots during teleop. We also tried playing some defense, but as basic physics preaches, we weren’t super effective against a heavier robot. We got a double traverse and won 162 to 110, bringing us up to 37th place. 

Qualification Match 8

  • We snagged our regular spot for auto and almost managed to get 3 balls in before one bounced out. During teleop, we played our regular strategy but we weren’t able to climb during the end game so we couldn’t get that rank point. Luckily, our rank wasn’t affected by it. 
The drive team during our 8th match.

Qualification Match 9

  • For the 9th qualification match, we played an ideal match. We had a decent autonomous and worked well with our alliance partners during teleop. We got defended against a few times, but we still scored 43 points out of the 99 points scored by our alliance. With that win and four rank points, we moved up to 32nd place. 

Qualification Match 10

  • Everyone was excited for the last match of the day. We had a cheering squad by now, we had just won the last few matches, we were still energized from lunch, and most importantly we could go back to the hotel and sleep. We ran a two ball auto but only scored one of them. After that, we played defense against the 8th ranked team to allow our alliance to get a leg up. We had realized at that point that we probably wouldn’t be in a picking position and wanted to display our abilities for scouters. We traversed and met the cargo bonus, so despite losing, we got 2 rank points. 
The MC waving the Talon flag before the match began.


Talon ended up in 36th place out of 75 teams in the Hopper Division. Despite not being ranked super high, we are still super proud of all the hard work and effort that brought us to this point. We have a diverse set of skills ranging from an impressive points per match average to defensive power. Despite coming out of covid with a team full of new members, we won at Duluth, played to semifinals at 10K, made it to Worlds, and qualified for State. It has been an eventful year and we are grateful for every opportunity. 

All Minnesota teams that qualified for the World Championships.
All of the Minnesotan teams gathered for a photo!

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