Minnesota’s 10,000 Lakes Regional Day 3 (4/9/2022)

Day Summary

Today was the third-day Talon participated in Minnesota’s 10,000 Lakes Regional Competition. Below is a summary of everything that happened that day:

With Saturday being the last day of the event the team was very excited for the end of the qualification matches. The entire team didn’t scout many matches as the day before the team had its famous scouting meeting. Once the opening ceremonies had ended the team was already waiting in the queue. With only three matches left the team wanted to get a high placement for the alliance selection. 

the robot preparing to shoot.
The robot on the field.

Match 1

So, in the team’s first match of the day, everyone was very excited. With the robot looking very good mechanically our pit crew didn’t have many things to do after All of our matches from yesterday. 

  • Once the match first started Cerberus was able to shoot two balls in our autonomous period. The robot did have a small issue with its placement, so our human player attempted to throw in the fourth ball. After our two points were scored in the high goal the drive team was able to shoot in another two balls. After that, the drivers were able to get a middle bar before our robot disconnected from the driver’s station. With our first match of the day our robot was having issues with its connection. Our alliance was able to win the match and our pit crew was able to fix the problem in time for the next round.

Match 2

  • In our second match of the day, the alliance Talon was with was able to get a victory against the Red Alliance. Our robot Cerberus was able to get a two-ball auto with a different placement. After that our drive team was able to shoot in three balls and get a traversal climb. Our drivers were experiencing some issues with our intake and connection, so the team played very defensively in that match. Playing that defensively allowed the alliance to win that match.

Match 3

  • Later our pit crew was able to figure out the issue with the robot, so our final qualification match was going to be a good one. Our robot was able to get another two balls into the upper funnel with the other two balls either flying too short or too far. Our drivers were able to have an excellent match. They were able to shoot ten balls most of which were able to score points in the higher goal. The robot only missed four balls as the spinning wheel shot them back out. The driver ended the match out strong with a high ring climb. The alliance did end up losing that match by eight points. 
The announcer waving our flag in the field.
The announcer waving our flag through the air.

Quarter Finals

When the team’s qualification matches finished the alliance selection began an hour after. The team sent up Pearl J to be the representative of our team. The alliance captains were called and shortly Talon was Called by the sixth alliance. Talon was paired with Team 3026 and Team 3023.

Quarter Final 1

  • When our first match came up in the quarterfinals Our alliance was ready. Talon was able to score three balls in the autonomous period. The team was not able to pick up the fourth ball after it rolled away from the robot. The drivers were able to get another eight balls into the upper hub and achieve a double traversal climb with Team 3026. The alliance was able to win the first match.

Quarter Final 2

  • After the first win, Our alliance was able to win once again. This time talon was able to get two balls into the upper hub. The third ball that was shot bounced off the rim making. After the unfortunate autonomous period, the drive team shot eight balls in the high goal. The team did have a connection issue which had our robot disconnect twice in the match. However, our drivers were able to get a high climb while our other two alliance members got the double traversal. The blue alliance ended up winning that match which allowed Talon to move onto the semi-finals.
a student driving the cart.
Andy pushing our robot out of the field.


In the semi-finals, Things got more difficult for Talon and its alliance members. The alliance would have to face off against stronger teams which means our strategy would have to get much stronger. 

Semi-Final 1

  • So, in our first semi-final match talon was able to start off with two balls in the upper ring. The robot was able to pick up all four but, the robot overshot both balls. However, the drive team was able to play quite well. They started off the round really well. Our drive team was able to shoot seven balls in the first minute of the match. The opposing alliance was able to play a very strong defense against our robot.  After a couple of barrages from another robot, our battery fell out of the robot. This led to our robot being disabled for the rest of the match. With the loss of an alliance member, our alliance lost our first semi-final match.

When our team went back into the pits we repaired the robot to the best of our abilities, but we didn’t have enough time to repair it fully so our alliance captain called a timeout. Talon was able to fix the robot and we joined our alliance on the field to start the next match.

Semi-Final 2

  • When the next game started our robot was working so we scored two balls in the first fifteen seconds of the match. After that our robot was able to shoot in two balls and get a high climb. Our drivers decided to play defensively during the majority of the match as we wanted to stop the red alliance from scoring. Talon did end up losing its final match of the day, but everyone had a very fun time playing. 
everyone in our alliance taking a photo.
Our Entire alliance In a group photo.


Talon might have not won the tournament but we did win one award on the final day. 

  • Our very own Neel Shah won the Dean’s list Finalist Award. He won the award for multiple reasons, but he mainly won due to everything he has done for the team and our community.

Other Information

Talon’s season isn’t finished yet as we are still on the waitlist for worlds. Although it isn’t certain yet everyone is hoping that we can go. Even if we don’t get invited, Talon still has a chance to go the the state competition. As of right now, the team will not have an open room for Monday and tuesday, but there is still a team meeting. 

A student looking off in the distance
Rahul C looking into the future.

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