2022 Build Season Day 51 (4/4/2022)

 Open-Room Updates

Today at the open-room Talon was very busy, but overall it was a very good day. Below you will see a short summary of the day.

  • For starters the team had a chance to redo its pit interview, so many members joined us to prepare for the online meeting. When the meeting started all team members who were not participating in the meeting had to leave the room. During this time the team was not able to get many things done as we did not have a robot to work with.
  • With a good pit interview the team was finally able to get to work on the robot. For today’s issue our drivetrain was not working, so the majority of the room was spent fixing it. As of now the drivetrain is fixed but at the time it was quite a pain.
  • With only one robot and ten different people in the open-room not everyone was able to work on the robot. So, some other team members worked on other smaller projects. For our awards lead. He worked on fact checking some of the team’s work. For our safety and organization lead. Paul worked on setting up our first aid kit and organizing our spare parts.

The team was quite busy with everything that happened today. Nonetheless the team is just about ready for 10K. All the team has to do now is pack the trailer and finish some smaller projects. All of which will be done at tomorrow’s team meeting.  

Two students working on the robots motors. {which are on the back of the robot.)
Neel and Nolan working on the Robot’s drive train.

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