2022 Build Season Day 47 (3/28/2022)

Team Updates

Today at the open the team did a lot. After all the team has a little more than a week to prepare for the event. below you will se the everything notable that the team did today.

  • For starters the team started printing the mount for the RSL. The team designed the entire mount for the light so we are hoping that it will fit. IN the open room a team member worked on CAD-ing new hooks for the climber. We need to make new ones as the hooks that we have now are putting the robot above the height limit. The team plans to finish the hooks by sometime this week.
  • In the middle of the open-room the marketing sub-team had their weekly meeting where they worked on submitting the entrepreneurship award. The award is quite a big deal for the team, so members of the marketing team divided the award as they can focus on certain parts. The marketing team finished the award after the meeting. As of now it has been submitted for 10K. 
  • The media sub-team is in the process of finalizing face cut-outs of the drive team. The media sub-team is making these as we want to have more team recognition at 10K.

With eight more days until 10K the team is just about ready. If you are wanting to watch the team play at the event. It is hosted at the University of Minnesota at 1925 University Ave in Minneapolis.  The team is very excited for this event so feel free to join us there.

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