2022 Build Season Day 36 (3/17/2022)

Team Updates

Today Talon had a lot of team members in the open-room, so we were able to get a lot done. For a couple of students they worked on the robot’s climber poles. Others in the open-room worked on the tools organization. Just like earlier in the season the tool cupboard is somewhat organized all thanks to our new safety and organization lead Paul O.

A  student working on the robot on the floor of the room

About half-way through the open room the team had its weekly programming meeting. The meeting was very short as the sub-team did not have much to talk about. All programmers are still working on our past code, but they do not have too much to work on as the code is practically finished. 

The open-room was very productive. The team got a lot done which is always good as we only have three weeks until 10K. In the next week our school district will be having its spring break. The team will still be having daily open-rooms, so if you are a team member stop by and work on the robot. Having members help on the break will allow us to keep crossing off tasks on the to-do list.

two students working on code in the open room

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