Northern Lights Day 4 (3/5/2022)

Summary Of The Day

Today was our final day At Northern lights. The entire team had loads of fun throughout the day, so let’s get into the summary.

Seventh Match

  • In our first match of the day. We didn’t have the greatest of luck. Our robot performed well in the first half of the round but later the turret decided to fall off. We did end up losing match which resulted in us going down to twenty-second place. However during the round the drive team was able to get a good warmup in. The robot was able to shoot multiple balls during the tele-op and we preformed the climb. So, having the turret fall off wasn’t the end of the world.

Eighth Match

  • In the second match the team was able to fix the turret, so the robot was in a working condition.  It wasn’t until later in the match when our drive train broke down. This lead to our robot spinning around until the match ended. We lost the match by seventeen points which lead us down to twenty-fifth place.

Ninth Match

  • In the final scheduled match the team did really good. We had very good alliance members which allowed us to win the match. The robot did everything with ease which was really good for our final match. In these final qualification matches our stress kept building as we wanted to get drafted. The team got a lot of experience, and we all had fun with the qualification matches. 
The Drive trian being inspected by three team members.
The pit-crew working on one of the drive train’s motor.
The drive team waiting in line with the robot.
The drive team getting ready to leave for a match.
the robot on the field next to two team members.
Two members of the drive team on the field inspecting the robot.


Talon did really good these past few days, so were were able to get drafted by the Gators (5913) and the Patriotics (5913) 

First Quarterfinal Match

  • Getting chosen by the Gators allowed us to continue playing in Northern Lights. When the first match started with our new alliance members we were ready. Unfortunately we had a small code problem with the driver’s control. We ended up winning the match but our controls were inverted, so we were not able to shoot. We were able to play defense so we still contributed to our alliances’s victory for that match but we didn’t score many points that round.

Second Quarterfinal Match

  • In the next Quarterfinal match Everything was working for us. We shot two balls into the upper funnel during the autonomous phase. After that we started to play very defensive. We stopped the other alliance from scoring multiple balls. We ended up winning that match with our alliance, But we also set a new high score of one-hundred and five.
tje robot on the cart moving onto the pits.
The drive team taking the robot off of the field and back into the pits.
The flag being swung around the field by an announcer.
The event announcer holding our flag in the pregame phase.


Winning the two quarterfinals lead us into the semi-finals. With every victory things got even more intense because we were getting matched up with stronger alliances.

First Semifinal Match

  • In the first semifinal match we continued to play defense. This time we attacked UltraViolet as they have a strong turret and high accuracy. We ended that round with another mid-climb and a win. Winning that round lead to us moving farther up the ladder.
the robot on the field.
The robot on the field before the match begins.

Second Semifinal Match

  • In the second semifinal round things got intense. It started out with a five minute timeout from the alliance that we were facing off. During that small break the stadium play the famous Y.M.C.A. song by he Village People. Of course everyone in the stands started dancing including Talon. Once the match actually started we missed two shots in autonomous but ended up playing a very strong defense. We won which finished off the semi-finals for our alliance.

After both of the semifinal rounds we managed to get into the finals with our alliance. It was now or never for Talon. The robot was working very well and our alliance had a good strategy going. We all knew what our jobs were and we preformed them well. It was only a matter of time before the next match.

a lady looking at our robot with a clipboard.
A inspector checking on our robot before finals starts.


In our final match everyone was excited. You could feel the energy throughout the stands. The final started out with a short intermission as they had to clean the field. We waited a long time before the field was fully cleaned, but when it was everyone was ready. 

First Final Match

  • When the match actually started our robot was able to shoot into the upper funnel. When the first phase started we played defense against The Green Machine as they had a fast robot that could shoot well we ended up winning that round.

Second Final Match

  • In the very last match of Norther Lights we were all very excited. everyone’s robots were working and we did really well in the first final. Just like the last final match we won this match as well. We played the same defensive technique as we did last time. That allowed us to win the game with a huge lead in points.
the awards and Captians in the pits.
The team captians holding our awards after a long day of matches.

Awards And Other Information

The team worked very hard to get this far. without our sponsors and all of our hours that we put into the robot we would not have won this event. Unfortunately we didn’t win any other awards for this event but we did come home with a blue banner, trophy, and plaque. A very special thanks to everyone who was involved in some way. We are all looking forward to our next even Ten-Thousand Lakes (10K). But until April nineteenth arrives we will be working on making a new comp-bot and adding a traversal feature. We are all very excited for the future so we cannot wait to share it all with you.

our entire team on the field.
The entire team on the field after winning Northern Lights

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