Northern Lights Day 1 (3/2/2022)

Team Updates

Today Talon didn’t have its open room as we were traveling. Fortunately the team got to the hotel in one piece. As of now the team is getting some well needed rest after their long day of travel. The Bus ride to Duluth went really smoothly and the Technocrats were an amazing partner to share the bus with. 

The team had a team meeting when we all arrived at the hotel. If you are a team member, be sure to talk to your mentor if you are going somewhere. Keeping contact with the team keeps everyone safe. 

Tomorrow the team will be participating in multiple matches. The drive team and pit crew will be leaving for the DECC at 8:00am tomorrow. Breakfast will be served at 7:00am, so plan your morning accordingly.

The car fully packed up with two team members in the truck
Lake Superior with its icy shores
A photo of Lake superiors icy beaches taken by Reese F

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