2022 Build Season Day 32 (3/1/2022)

Team updates

Today was the weekly team meeting. As you may know the team is going to Duluth. The bus that will be taking the majority of the team will be leaving tomorrow at 5:30pm. It is recommended to come at least thirty minutes early so we can load the bus on time. The team is very excited for Duluth, The robot is fully packed and the trailer will be leaving at noon tomorrow. 

 During the meeting the sub-teams had their regular announcements.

  • The scouting team is still looking for members to help for Duluth. If you are interested contact Rahul on Slack.
  • The Fabrication sub-team has made spare parts for the robot.
  • The chairman’s video has been submitted. 
  • The engineering side of the team has finished 
  • One team member worked on making buttons for the event. This will allow us to spread Talon’s name throughout the event.
  • The robot is completely finished. Today we worked on some small housekeeping things like checking tire pressure. And replacing climber parts. The team and the robot are ready to go.

The team is very excited for Duluth and we look forward to covering the entire event. If you are wanting to watch the event during the day you can head over to TheBlueAlliance. Otherwise the media team will be posting daily blog posts and instagram posts.

a team member working on a pressure valve
A team member working on the drivers station
the robot on the open rooms floor

Stay Connected With Us During The Season!

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