2022 Build Season Day 30 (2/24/2022)

Robot & Team News

Today was a busy day for Talon as many members went to the open room. Because we had many members that showed up we were able to get a lot done. 

  • Team members worked on replacing wheels on the drive train. We decided to do this because the old wheels were getting worn down.
  • In other drive train news. We attached the new motors to the robot. Now we have a upgraded drive train after all of these new attachments.
  • Team members also worked on the new bumpers. As of now we have attached the brackets to the bumpers. However not all of the bumpers are finished. 
  • Today one team member worked on the turret. They fixed the ramp attachment. Tomorrow the team plans to test the turret to make sure it works properly.
  • The code for the robot is just about finished, most of it has been merged to the main branch.

With only eight days left until Duluth the team is working very hard to finish the robot. We are very excited for Duluth. In the coming days we will be finishing the practice bot and working on the competitive robot.

the robot upside down with a student tending to wires.
A team member working on the drive train

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