2022 Build Season Day 29 (2/23/2022)

Team updates 

  • Today we had our regularly scheduled open room. At the open room team members started work on attaching the bumpers onto the robot. As of now the bumpers still need work but we made a lot of progress. In other news a few members started building new motors that arrived today. Tomorrow the team is planning on wrapping up the practice bot. In the next few days we are planning to start work on the main bot that will compete in Duluth. 
  • Today was Wednesday so the team had its weekly fundraising meeting. At the fundraising meeting students continued to work on future fundraising events that will benefit the team. The outreach sub-team did not have a meeting today.
  • The media team has started to post on the Instagram account again. These posts usually come with another perspective of the open room so if you haven’t yet feel free to check it out
A team member working on the turret that is on the robot
Paul working on the turret.
the robot turned upside down with a team member working on it
Neel teaching a new team member how to remove electronics form the motor.
The robot on the floor.
The robot in its full form.

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