2022 Build Season Day 20 (2/9/2022)

Driver Station 

New Driver station was made! The station is made up of a lot of rivets spaced  5-7in in between and the board holding the driver controls is polycarb. The Station is about 4 and a half inches in height and 3 and a half feet in length. We are wanting to make another driver’s station so the team will be more prepared for any situation. In the coming day we plan to add the remaining pieces to the drivers station so stay tuned.

Overall Progress and General Information

Today was very exciting for all of talon as we have gotten a large sum of packages from First Choice. In the picture below you can see all of the different parts and components we ordered from First. Along with all of these parts, we received two gears that we designed in CAD by a fellow team member. Overall today was yet another busy day, both the Outreach and Fundraising sub-teams had their regular meetings. In terms of the fabrication side of the team. We worked on the new driver’s station as mentioned above. But, we also Continued to work on the climber parts and new radio that we got. 

Stay Connected With Us During The Season!

If you want to stay connected with the team during the entire season feel free to check out our social media. By the way our instagram has photos from the open room so you should check it out.

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