2022 Build Season Day 4 (1/11/2022)

Authors: Dylan Curry, Kenny Nguyen

Day Summary

Today was the third day since Rapid React was announced and everyone was hard at work. The subteams divided into groups to figure out how we will conquer the great challenge that is ahead of us. For all of this week everyone will be working nonstop during open room, to build prototypes and get a working robot design.

 As you know, making a robot in a short period of time is very hard. Part of the process includes making plenty of prototypes.  Below you will be able to see our great minds work hard to create parts that will win us this season.

Our first intake prototype in our robotics room.

Working on the Drive controls for the new robot.

Trial And Error

Making a robot is hard work and part of the challenge is coming up with parts that work. To make these parts we need to come up with prototypes. Today we worked on different outtake and intake designs. Using the tools and materials available to us we were able to come up with a couple ideas. One prototype that we made had a  similar intake from last year’s season but was built much larger for the cargo. As seen in the photo above, we also worked on the drive controls. At the kickoff event everyone agreed that we wanted to make this year’s robot faster so working on the code for the drive and motors is extremely important.

Making a new prototype in our robotics room.

Overall we are working very hard to get this robot working even in the early few days with the prototypes. No matter what you have done for this team Talon robotics thanks you.

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