Open Room October 2nd

Authors: Adhiraiyan Kartheesan, Pearl Jain 

T-shirt Cannon

The EPHS Homecoming game is coming up, which means that we’re going to be on the field shooting t-shirts into the crowd. Today, our first priority was making sure that our T-shirt cannon was operational. It uses air compressed to 80 psi, so we wanted to make sure that we wouldn’t hurt someone. When we first tried it, we found that it shot the t-shirt a bit too hard, but after changing that, we were satisfied with it, so we packed the t-shirts we wanted to shoot, and put the cannon away for homecoming. 


We decided that we would try to run our practice bot at MRI, so we got to work on putting a major component back onto it, being the climber. We had taken it off of the practice so we could use it as a replacement on the competition bot if that climber ever had any issues. By the end of the day, we got it on the robot, and also connected the constant force springs, as well as attaching the winch to the bottom. All that is left to do is to add a pancake cylinder to actuate the pin that holds the climber down, and also wire the talon and CIM into the electronics. 

FLL Kits

Talon is hosting a rookie FLL team this year! We got parts for the kits and built them today in order to get them ready for the season. We will have mentors from the team to help the FLL kids. If you have any questions or want to be involved, contact us at or

Comp Bot

​​ At EMCC, we had issues with vision and alignment. After some testing, we came to the conclusion that it was due to a window shining light at another spot at the venue, so the limelight should be working. However, while testing, we found that the left Spark-Max on the hopper stopped working, so we had to replace it. After that, we decided the competition bot ready for MRI. 

Disclaimer: The captions are not actual quotes (except kinda).

This is why I hate teenagers <3

“Make it look like you’re actually doing something.”