Day 12 – Fixes and Progress (2/11/2021)

Despite only being three hours, today was a very productive day. The drivetrain was finally fixed and progress was made on mounting the new intake onto the practice bot. 


As mentioned above, the drivetrain was fixed today! The issue we had encountered was due to the way the motor was reattached after troubleshooting an earlier problem. The problem we had was that the motor was mounted in the outboard position on the gearbox when it should have been inboard.

New Intake

Much of the work for the new intake was done today. The inner holes on the raptor bars were drilled today, in addition to the outer holes being drilled out to provide clearance for the bolts. Several bolts were also cut to smaller sizes due to the only other ones with the same size/head being too short.

Above: The inside of the raptor bars, with several holes drilled out for the plates.