Day 3 – New intake progress (2/19/2021)

Authors: Andrew Georgioff


We received the rubber tubing we ordered today! This shortage of rubber tubing was the main reason Sunday was mainly focused on practice (and a small amount of prototyping). At first we struggled to get the rubber over the plastic tubing, even when we were using pneumatics. One of the primary obstacles we originally faced was that the material the tubing was placed on was not airtight, allowing air to escape and not forming a seal where we needed it. We were unfortunately unable to find any closed cell silicone from our 2019 offseason project, but one of our members had a mousepad that made a (surprisingly) effective seal and allowed us to complete six rollers for our new intake.

Above:Six completed rollers


One other modification we have been working on is an adjustable hood. This would ideally allow us to shoot with higher accuracy, as well as in locations we were previously unable to.

Above: A prototype of an adjustable hood in CAD (Solidworks). 

Note to team members: Contact Aedin if you are interested in learning more about prototyping/CAD

Quote of the day: (“Is it normal terrible or extra terrible?”) “It’s like normal terrible, but more” – Ravisha Jaiswal, 2020-2021 Business Captain