Day 63 – Rank: Three (03/06/2020)

Authors: Ritik Mishra, Andrew Georgioff

Match 7: Failed to Climb

In our first match of the day, we were doing well until endgame. We had shot (and scored) 12 balls. However, when we tried to climb, we were not able to do so. As it turns out, this is because the climber ratchet was flipped to the wrong direction. This caused the drive team confusion when they tried to climb. Although we were still able to snag a win  = 2 RP, we placed an arrow next to the climb ratchet so that we know which way it is supposed to be flipped after every match.

Match 12: Trench Shots, Intake Revisions

In match 12, we mostly shot from the trench, but we missed about half of our shots. We also noticed some issues with balls jamming in the intake. We ended up switching the third intake roller bar for some mecanums and omnis. We also added some spacers to the hopper so that the two hopper plates are just slightly wider apart.

Match 29: shooting the balls

In match 29, we were with 171 and 2491. We shot some balls and climbed, and in the end, we earned 3 RP.  This allowed us to be the 1st ranked team for a while. 

Match 36: dense cabbage

In match 36, our robot was rendered dead when a CAN connector into a Spark MAX was inadvertently pulled out at the end of our autonomous (the intake coming down yanked it out). This prevented any signals from reaching any of the motors/pneumatics. As a result, we were dead for the match, but we still managed to eke out a win anyway. At least our auto was able to sink 3 balls. 

Match 46: smooth sailing

This match was smooth sailing. Another victory in the bag.

Match 53: oopsie 

We lost this match by 3 points, but we were supposed to get a triple climb. Sadly, one of our alliance partners did not quite follow the strategy we planned ahead of time, thus preventing us from climbing and getting the 3 RP we were hoping for. Instead, we got 0 RP. 

Other Misc Pit Occurrences

  • We tested the hopper a bunch. To empty the hopper, we shot balls, but one of the balls bounced into the limelight and damaged the mount. We had to (super)glue the mount back together. 
  • We went to the practice field two separate times. First, we decreased the P gain on the auto-align. Second, we increased the RPM on the flywheel on the 6 ball auto.

Scouting/Scouting Meeting

We had some issues getting the scouting data compilation program to work properly. Therefore, instead of living the easy life and using a spreadsheet, we instead had to use the Firebase tree view to see the scouting data. It was inconvenient, but it still got the job done. 

Quote of the day: 
Ritik: “is this confirmed to work?”

Chris Olson: “this is confirmed to be called duct tape, beyond that, we don’t know”