Day 59 – Final Duluth Preparations (3/2/2020)

Authors: Ritik Mishra, Andrew Georgioff

Most of today was spent on final preparations for Duluth. Tomorrow, we will only be meeting until 5:30 due to the presidential primary, so we aimed to finish all major robot changes by today. The mandatory Duluth travel meeting was also today (from 7 to 7:45)

Most of today was spent on packing, organization, collecting spare parts, etc, but we did make a few robot changes today. 

Bumpers Complete

Final alterations to bumper brackets were made. We also put the team number on the bumpers.

Above: A photo showing a picture of the robot with the bumpers on. The bumpers have numbers. They look VERY nice.

Above: A blue bumper that also has numbers


The climber is confirmed to work.

Above: Video of the comp bot climbing, partially obscured by many onlookers. 
Quote of the Day:

Josie: “Salt is my favorite type of metal”

Miguel: “Get out of here”