Day 46 – Comp Bot Assembly 1 (2/18/2020)

Authors: Andrew Georgioff, Ritik Mishra, Ishan Shetty

Anodized Parts 

We received our parts back from anodization today. This was a nice surprise since we expected the parts to come back on Thursday.  Assembly on the drive chassis has been started, but bearings have yet to be installed. 

Above: Our competition robot chassis anodized black

Above: Various parts for the competition robot anodized black


Today, the programmers had a meeting to discuss future code changes. Other than minor problems, most of the code worked well. Because of this, they decided to start developing several autonomous routines. 

Practice Bot Wiring

Today, we started to rewire the electronics on the practice bot. The cleanliness and organization of the electronics used to be really bad, which made them unmaintainable and problematic. 

Above: A picture of the rewired electronics on the practice bot. It’s definitely better than it used to be before

Quote of the Day: “At Talon Robotics we don’t quit, we just kinda give up sometimes” — Aedin Yu, rookie