Day 38 – Parts! (2/10/2020)

Authors: Ritik Mishra, Andrew Georgioff

Parts Arrived!

Today, we got a gigantic load of parts back from CEM. These include:

  • Most of the hopper ribs
  • Most of the shooter superstructure
  • The shooter flywheel weight!

Above: Two of our four 02 – 07 Flywheel Weights, assembled onto versahubs. Look how pretty they are! They are made of steel. Hopefully, we can figure out a way to prevent them from rusting. The bore inside of the flywheel weight came out quite well, allowing the versahub to slide in nicely without any play. 

After we got the parts, we decided to assemble them. We got quite far, including 

  • Assembling most of the shooter chassis
  • Assembling most of the hopper

Above: A picture of our robot with the hopper assembled onto it. The hopper is made from 1/4” thick HDPE salvaged from the HABs last year. It was cut on the waterjet at the UMN.

We also got a fair number of COTS parts in the mail, including

  • VersaPlanetaries 
  • Baby NEOs
  • Belt Pulleys
  • Versahubs
  • Latex Tubing
  • Hex Shaft

We were able to assemble these COTS parts together into

  • The flywheel weight assemblies (Versahubs)
  • The baby neos and versaplanetary got assembled together
    • We forgot to order the ring gears so some gearboxes could not be fully assembled

Above: A video of a baby neo spinning really fast

Sadly, since one of the lathes in the machine shop had a bucket over it (suggesting it should not be used), and the other was against a wall (preventing us from putting our 6ft long hex shaft through the spindle bore), we were not able to cut those shafts. Hopefully, we will be able to fix this problem soon.

We are still waiting on many COTS parts to arrive in the mail. If you are so inclined to see all of the parts that are yet to come in the mail, check out the part tracker. I try to keep it as up-to-date as I can, but there will always be at least a small delay between a part being received in the mail and an update being made in the tracker.

Quote of the day: “Bruh mentors don’t ever react in slack and it’s sad” — Anonymous