Day 34 – Airpods.SLDPRT received (2/06/2020)

Authors: Andrew Georgioff, Ritik Mishra

Active Intake Parts

Parts were brought in the room today by one of our members who cut them with a waterjet. There were originally more holes in the design for weight-saving purposes, but he had to remove them as they increased the cut time by an impossibly large amount.

The parts were cut out of 6061 aluminum plate (1/4” thick) on a waterjet at the University of Minnesota. Our only student who does PSEO at the UMN has access to it. If you do PSEO at the U, in order to gain access to the waterjet, you must go to ME 176 and go through the safety training. Ask to use the waterjet, tell them no if they ask if you’ve used it before, and follow their lead. If they ask you who you’re water jetting parts for, just tell them it’s for a FIRST robotics team. They know what FIRST is since the UMN RI3D team waterjets parts there. 

The waterjet is, compared to the CNC mills operated by CEM, relatively inaccurate. This is in part because the waterjet cuts a taper (due to the water spreading out when the jet hits the metal), and in part because the U didn’t buy the fancy addon that automatically tilts the jet to eliminate taper. 

Summer Camp meeting

We had another meeting today to discuss summer camps. We mainly discussed past summer camps, and which sections are worth keeping. Through this, we finished a general outline both for the curriculum and for parts we may end up needing. 

Quote of the Day: “today i did $40 in [krispy kreme] sales and only $30 was from internet strangers” — Ritik Mishra, explaining to others who he’s selling Krispy Kremes to