Day 20 – Cleanup (1/23/2020)

Authors: Andrew Georgioff, Ritik Mishra


Today, less things happened in the room because it ended at 5:30pm instead of 9pm, not that there was a lot to do anyways. We are still waiting on drivetrain spacers before we can finish assembling the gearboxes onto the frame. We are currently in the process of creating the CAD for the robot. 

Disassembly and Cleanup

Everyone probably remembers that the room was a mess during the prototyping period. Today, we spent a lot of effort cleaning up the room. Most prototypes were disassembled, with the exception of the climber and the single flywheel shooter. Mini Titanium was also disassembled.

Conveyor Corner

Today, while poking around in the CAD during the room time, we came up with a good way to store the balls in the robot

We were concerned about whether or not the balls would jam in the corner, since they are very grippy and would be rolling in the corner. So, we fired up the single flywheel shooter prototype, and tried to jam it by passing several balls through it.

In a second, unrecorded test, we reduced the compression on the hood from ~1.25” to ~0.5”. By reducing the compression, we were able to block the exit side of the hood without causing a jam. The wheel spun without moving the balls, and when we unblocked the exit, they came through neatly.

Quote of the day: Unless you’re very careful with your feeds and speeds, stainless steel will dull your saws, burn up your drills, destroy your countersinks, ruin your marriage, make your kids cry, and probably snap every tap that you throw at it, mostly because you shouldn’t be throwing taps. but even if you don’t, it’ll break them– This Old Tony, Machinist/YouTuber