Day 58 – ???? Comp Bot Works (3/1/2020)

Authors: Ritik Mishra, Andrew Georgioff

Above: A pic of the comp bot shooting from the initiation line

Things that work on the comp bot

  • Wheel of fortune
  • Flywheel shooter
  • Intake
  • Hopper
  • Drivetrain

Everything that we tested works quite well. We ran into a small issue with the hopper where one of the sides was intermittently spinning. As it turns out, the cause was a badly made anderson powerpole on that motor. We fixed it and everything runs smoothly.

Things that do not work on the comp bot

  • Climber

We bought some rope that is different from the rope on the practice bot. Sadly, this rope does not work on the climber. The correct rope is coming in the mail and should arrive Tuesday. Fortunately, we have some leftover rope from 2018 which should be plenty strong for the climber, just in case.

Autonomous Testing

We continued to work on our autonomous routines. The shooter on the comp bot had some slight variances from our practice bot and as such, we had to tune some values in order to be able to shoot accurately from the trench (the practice bot RPM for shooting from the initiation line was perfect). One thing changed was the drive straight routine. Previously, it would drive along whatever angle the robot was already at. Now, the code can optionally tell the robot to drive straight in a specific direction. This helps the autonomous be more consistent since the turn command has a tolerance of 2 degrees, which means that driving straight in the robot’s current direction could cause it to miss the third ball in the trench run. 

Above: A video showing where we’re at with the 6 ball. 

Quote of the Day: “Someone forgot to drill the hole in the pneumatic tubing” — Justin Silweski, engineering captain/human player, upon discovering that someone had used polycord instead of pneumatic tubing when plumbing the comp bot drive train shifters.