State Fair Demo

Talon Robotics demoed our robot at the Great Minnesota Get Together along with the FireBears 2846 and VEX team 8110C! Although it was raining outside, we were located in the Education Building and gave presentations about our team to fairgoers as well as showing off Major Tom in action. The team was still able to walk in the daily parade, even though we couldn’t take Major Tom due to rain.

4th of July Demo

Talon Robotics participated in our local 4th of July celebration at Round Lake Park, demoing our robot and spreading awareness of our robotics programs in our community. Visitors were able to try and drive our robots Major Tom and Disc-o with both joysticks and a DDR-style dance pad, as well as catch the frisbees shot by Disc-o. This was a great opportunity to expose the general public to how much fun robotics can be!

Rockwell Automation Demo

Talon Robotics and five other local teams participated in a demo at Rockwell Automation in Eden Prairie. All students and mentors were able to tour the Rockwell Automation facilities, including state of the art labs. Each team was then able to demo their robot and Rockwell Automation employees, as well as community members, were able to make a donation supporting Kendrick Castillo’s family in order to drive the various robots.

Minnesota State High School League Championship

Talon Robotics qualified for this event by being one of the top 36 teams in the state of Minnesota. We had an exciting day of intense competition competing with some of the very best teams from across the state, including a match with the number one ranked team from the Carson Division at the World Championships, 5172. Talon Robotics ended up ranked 13th out of the 36 teams. The official MSHSL recap of the event can be found here.

Detroit World Championships 2019

Talon Robotics just returned from the Detroit World Championship event where they competed with over 400 teams from around the world. With our robot, Major Tom, we were able to successfully climb, load cargo and deliver hatches in each of our matches. Sadly, we were unable to advance to the playoff rounds.

10,000 Lakes Regional

The team had a strong showing at the 10k Lakes Regional finishing as the 8th seeded team. We were the captain of the 6th alliance and competed with our alliance partners 5464 and 5434 but unfortunately lost in the quarterfinals to teams 4607, 3102, and 3184. We won the Regional Engineering Inspiration Award and team member Isaac Ash-Johnson won the FIRST Dean’s List Finalist Award. Watch our matches from the 10k Lakes Regional

Great Northern Regional

The team had a strong showing at GNR, with a record of 11-5-0, and ending in 4th overall. We were the captain of the 3rd alliance. We picked 876 Thunder Robotics and 4239 WARPSPEED as our alliance partners and defeated the 6th and 2nd alliances, moving to the finals. We then lost to the 1st alliance consisting of teams 5172, 3750, and 7048. Our performance was enough to qualify us for the World Championships in Detroit. We also won the Creativity Award. Watch our matches from the Great Northern Regional

Homes by Ash Demo

We held a demonstration of our robot Midnight in coordination with our sponsor Homes by Ash. We were able to show off our robot in a public space and advocate for FIRST within our community.

FTC Tournament

We hosted an FTC tournament at Central Middle School.


Robots & Rotini

We hosted our annual Robots & Rotini fundraiser. We had demos of our robot and local FTC robots, a silent auction, a movie, and food for people to enjoy while learning about robotics and having fun.

Talon Robotics Fourth Annual Car Show

We hosted our fourth annual car show. There was a live band (FU-GA-WE), a silent auction, robot demonstrations, face painting, and lots of cool, unique cars. Here are some pictures of our car show provided by 7-Hi Cruisers.